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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Wholesale Fundraiser RIGHT for You? (return to top)

The answer is a highly profitable “YES”, IF:

  1. You are a person that likes shopping at ‘Wholesale Clubs’, discount stores, and other outlets where you are willing to forgo “frills” and/or dealing face-to-face with a salesperson so that you will receive much more value for your money instead.
  2. You are comfortable doing business over the internet or toll-free phone calls you will discover our program will be almost perfect for the way you like to do business.
  3. “Do It Yourself” (with our excellent assistance from beginning to end) is just right for you if being organized, willing to work hard for the good of your group, and highly motivated and dedicated describes you.
  4. You truly believe that your fine organization is a higher priority for all the money you struggle for every time you fundraise than unnecessarily tossing away a significant amount of your ‘Profits’ to some “Relationship Salesperson” or Fundraising Company. If your kids and your group are truly “#1” with you, we are the best solution to end your needless “Losses”!
  5. Here is a brief “Self-Test”. Be truthful with yourself and this will reveal if we are what you need:
    Please realistically evaluate how the following fits your personality and preferences:
    If your desire to be “Sold”, with its myriad variations of “Ego Stroking”, is more powerful than your preference for a serious business-like relationship that focus on the careful design and management of your program in an “Experienced Experts Helping Dedicated, Hard-Working Leaders Relationship”, this is NOT for you. However, if the money to benefit your fine organization is More Important than ‘Being Sold’ and You “Get It”; that acquiring a huge increase in income begins with you keeping more of every cent you earn, but also requires that we pay serious attention to every detail from Skillful Design to Powerful Motivation through Meticulous Management (All our ‘Specialties’), we are exacly what you need!

Reality vs. Illusion - “Kick-Off” or “Launch” of your campaign (return to top)

Illusion: A fundraiser’s “Carnival Show” style ‘Launch’ or an often ignored TV-type presentation will result in more sales than a ‘Kick-Off’ by a good Teacher or Administrator, or a dedicated Parent Leader.
Absolutely NOT!

WHY?     Screaming, jumping up and down, and “acting the fool”, may entertain but it does not increase participation. Since the kids were not listening, what it actually achieves is an increase in misunderstanding and never learning how to do the fundraiser correctly. That makes your campaign more difficult. Good teachers know, “You never learn anything with your mouth open”. All highly successful fundraisers require that the kids “learn how”.

How many times have Leaders been impressed by an entertaining presentation? But, when asked, “Did you earn more profit?” they inevitably answer “NO” or “Not Much”.

It’s NOT the ‘Show’ (“Illusion”), it is about Learning "How" to Make You Money! (“Reality”)

Reality: Your kids will “DO IT FOR YOU”! Absolutely nothing is more effective than the youngster’s “Leader” personally asking each of their kids to help! Why? He or she understands their group, has high credibility with their youngsters, and really wants the money. By contrast, the salesperson has no credibility with your kids nor do they understand your group. They do crave lots of your money for themselves, however.

It is not important “How” the students’ Leader does the kickoff, provided they explain What, Why, and How in their own unique way. They must clearly let their kids know their fundraiser is really important. That "Leader" must avoid the mistake of changing the way they do their most effective teaching and motivating. At all cost, they must avoid imitating some fundraiser’s ‘show’.

It is a very expensive mistake to neglect or give less than a full effort to a strong ‘Launch’ by the Leader.

(Hint to Parent/Booster Leaders: Recruit one or two of the student’s teachers/administrators to do this for you. This works like a ‘charm’ as well as dramatically increasing support from the staff.)

Doing it yourself works wonders! You will be amazed with the results so just “Do It Your Way”!

Reality vs. Illusion - Product Selection (return to top)

Illusion: Select the “right” product(s) and your fundraiser will be a big success. NOT a Chance!

WHY?     While the products you sell are important, (1) Profit Percentage (2) Participation and (3) higher retail Price Range all have a much greater impact upon your income.

Reality: Those of us with a history of earning huge incomes with our own groups learned quickly that ‘products’ do not sell.KIDS Sell” and their customers will buy whatever products the youngsters or parents are offering (within reason). So put your emphasis on the “Sellers”! That where your money is.

If you care about how much money you earn you must focus strongly on the three places where your large potential profits actually reside. These are:
  1. Motivating kids (parents, too) to “Show” the products to more and more people.
  2. Keeping a higher portion (%) of every dollar you collect.
  3. Sell only merchandise whose high-quality and ‘perceived value’ justifies a higher retail price.

Important Note: Your friends at Wholesale Fundraisers spend an incredible amount of time, effort, and our financial resources to create or select only the top-quality fundraising products in the USA. We gladly do this so that our customers will have the very best to sell in each category of fundraising merchandise. We will never offer that typical fundraiser's “stuff”. Only the “Very Best” is good enough for our clients!

Reality vs. Illusion - “%’s” vs. “$’s” (return to top)

Illusion: Securing the highest percent (“Best Deal”) guarantees the greatest income. Are You Kidding?
Of course NOT!

WHY?    Profit Percent creates an “Illusion”. Like all “Illusions” it I based upon the ‘Illusionist’ (salesperson) manipulating the naive to emotionally focus on one element of the total program while giving very little attention to everything else. That is where the ‘trick’ happens. i.e. Your feelings tell you that “High % = Great Deal”. NOT! Your most important question must be, "What did I sacrifice for the higher percent?"

In fundraising, when you succumb to that ‘Good Deal’ what you usually get instead is some overpriced “dollar store” merchandise, along with prizes so cheap that they resemble an insult more than a fair reward to your fine kids. Because of this, most of your buyers will select the lowest priced item just to “help you out”. The sad result is a very modest average retail income in the $5.00 to $9.00 range and also fewer items sold. Even at 50% that is only $3.00 to $4.50 profit each. Ouch!

(FYI: With Wholesale Fundraisers your Profits will range from $6.50 to over $15.00 for every product sold.)

Do not “Fall” for that old, but still often used, “Percentage Trick”. It is your MONEY (Dollars) that counts, NOT the Percentage!

Reality: The most important question you must ask is, "A percentage of HOW MUCH?" Percents only matter as they relate to your “Dollars”.

To make an important point, here is a 'dumb question': “Would you rather have 90% of a thousand dollars or 1% of a million dollars?” (Hint: Take the “1%”. It’s $10,000.00. The 90% is only $900.)

Remember that the vendors you pay only accept “Dollars”. You cannot pay them in “percents”. So, focus only on the dollars you keep. When you are determining “Profit Percentages”, and we believe these are an important element of your success, make sure you carefully calculate “% of $’s”.

NOTE: Your friends at Wholesale Fundraisers strongly believe that the ultra-high-percentage of profit we give you is perhaps our greatest service. However, this is only of significant value as long as we continue to give you easy-to-sell products along with the outstanding assistance and superior services & supplies you need. “Profit Percents” along with “Retail Price Range” and “Number of Items Sold” are ALL critical for your success. Reality requires that you ‘focus’ on the ‘Big Picture’ (All elements of your program) just as we will.

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