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How It Works
Here is "HOW a 'Wholesale Fundraiser' WORKS"!

Your fellow 'Professional Educators' and 'Parent Leaders' at Wholesale Fundraisers will provide you with every PRODUCT, PRIZE, SERVICE, and All the HELP you will need by Phone, Fax, E-Mail or this Website to effectively lead your own 'Ultra-High-Profit-Percent' Fundraiser.

By "Doing It Yourself" with our expert assistance from start to finish and using our 'Top-of-the-Line' Products, Exciting Prizes, and easy-to-use Services, You will KEEP All your usual profits plus earn an additional 10% to 35% more of every penny you collect as "Bonus Profit". You will KEEP Much More of ALL Your 'Hard-Earned' MONEY!

Here are the "FIVE EASY STEPS" for your successful 'Ultra-High-Profit' Wholesale Fundraiser
  1. Determine WHEN you want to "Launch" your fundraiser.
    1. Set the "Start Date" & "End Date". Two weeks (three weekends?) is usually enough for maximum results.
    2. Select the person(s) who will be the most effective in explaining the Products, Procedures, and (especially) Prizes to your kids. The youngster's "Leader" is usually the best choice. (see FAQ - Kickoff Your Campaign)
    3. Determine if you prefer "Pre-Pay" (money collected with orders) of the more profitable "Post-Pay" ('COD') plan.
  2. Select the PRODUCTS that are best for your organization and demographics.
    1. View "Products" for our carefully selected "Best-in-the-USA" choices in each product category.
    2. We suggest no more than two products together. More products rarely boost profits, but do increase complexity.
    3. We strongly recommend adding one of our one-item profit-boosting "Tags".
  3. Select all the SERVICES - Materials, Guides, Aids, etc. - that you need or desire.
    1. Choose only those materials and services that you need or want.
    2. You will be billed at our highly discounted 'wholesale prices' only for those you select.
    3. Our useful Guides, Aids, and many other valuable materials to make your program easy are all FREE.
    4. At absolutely NO COST, our friendly "Personalized Service, Help & Assistance" is always available to you days, nights, weekends including holidays. Call, E-Mail, Fax or use our Website communications anytime 24/7/365.
  4. Select one of our exciting PRIZE PROGRAMS or design your own. (Optional)
    1. Select one of our best-of-type Prize Programs. Choose from three excellent "cumulative" programs:
      1. "Go Glow Go" features very low costs.
      2. "See You At The Top" features easy requirements for kids to earn more and better prizes. This prize program is designed for maximum motivation.
      3. "My Prize Locker" was created to appeal to older kids. Choose this one for secondary ages.
    2. Our famous "Instant Reward Prize Program", featuring Cash and Candy - The Kids Favorites, is also available. This special prize program will give your kids very powerful motivation, but is more costly. We will be pleased to help you 'customize' it for your unique organization and 'situation'. Call or E-Mail us.
  5. COMMUNICATE your Questions, Request for assitance in designing your campaign, or Decisions to us right away.
    1. Please call or e-mail your decision to dramatically increase your income with a 'Wholesale Fundraiser' to us ASAP so we can "reserve" your campaign and give you an exclusive "franchise" for your products in your organization's district.
    2. We can usually get you started making the money you need in two to five days. We will rush all your materials and supplies to you immediately upon our contracting with you for your Wholesale Fundraiser. In most cases, we can do this by phone, e-mail or internet.
    3. Communicate with us anytime you want our assitance with any aspect of planning or starting your program.

IMPORTANT: Please Phone or E-Mail us anytime & everytime you have questions or would like our expert personal assistance with designing, organizing, or managing any aspect of your fundraiser, from beginning to end.

WHY SELECTING A "Wholesale Fundraiser" IS IMPORTANT!

If you are looking for a Huge Increase in Income you have discovered the plan(s) that will make your Profits FLY!

Every time you fundraise with us You are in control of all Your Money. You get to choose how you earn it and how you spend it.

Either You Will KEEP 60% to 75% of every dollar you collect with Wholesale Funderaisers OR you will Throw Away a huge amount needlessly as excessive commissions or profits with the other guys.

If your fine organization really is your "Number 1 Priority", and your youngsters are more important to you than a fundraiser person or product, a huge increase in income is immediately yours with an easy phone call, e-mail, or website communication to Wholesale Fundraisers.

Your Fundraiser is the SAME.   The Huge Difference?   YOU Will KEEP 60% to 75% AS PROFIT!