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An important message from

Lee Knowles, President and Owner of Wholesale Fundraisers Lee Knowles
President and Owner

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This is YOUR “Hard-Earned” MONEY!

You deserve to KEEP Much MORE of it every time you fundraise!

WHY?  YOU are going to do all the work.  Shouldn’t you Retain Lots More of ALL your income as "Profit"?

Don’t you think YOU should KEEP 60% or 65% or 70%+ of Every Dollar You Collect* each time you fundraise instead of needlessly giving a big amount of all the money you collected to some undeserving fundraiser?

If your answer is “Yes”, You Can.  With out help, You Will!

Here is all you will need to do:

  1. DECIDE on a “Start Date” and an “Ending Date”.
    2 weeks with 3 weekends is recommended for most campaigns.

  2. SELECT which of our ‘Top-of-the-Line’ Product(s) you want to sell.
    We provide ‘Main-Line’, “Top-Sellers in the USA” fundraising products.  Only the “Best of the Best” is good enough for you!

  3. CHOOSE which “Services” and “Materials and Supplies” you want or need.
    Pay only for those you need or want at our low ‘wholesale prices’.  The more you can do yourself, the more money you will keep.

  4. PICK the “Prize Program” that is best for your situation or DESIGN your own prize program.
    Prizes are "Optional": Select these type prizes only if you want them.  Also, our famous “Instant Reward Prize Program”, featuring Candy & Cash, the “Kids’ Favorites” is available for Leaders seeking Maximum Motivation!

  5. COMMUNICATE with MARSHA or LEE @ Wholesale Fundraisers, Inc.
    (Tell us your decisions.  We will give you every product, service, supplies & materials, and prizes (optional) you have selected.  We will provide as much (or little) expert personal assistance as you desire via phone or e-mail from start to finish. We will be here to help you 24/7/365!)

That is it!     A Massive Increase in Your Income is just that ‘Simple’.

It will be very EASY, as you will discover.

We will give you every Product, Service, Prize, Supplies & Materials, Guides, Personal Assistance, plus everything else any fundraiser in the USA will provide.  All these will be available via phone or e-mail days, nights, and weekends from start to finish.

Now YOU KEEP ALL those huge fundraiser "commissions", which you probably have previously thrown away needlessly, as Extra Profit!

If you have questions, want more information, desire our personal assistance in designing your fundraiser, or want to “Reserve” your ‘Ultra-High-Profit-Percentage” campaign please phone or e-mail us anytime.  You can count on all us former “Professional Educators” and “Parent Leaders”, with over 30 years experience of successful fundraising, for a prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, and ‘no pressure’ response.

We will welcome your call or e-mail 24/7/365.


More Information

If you are interested in many more “important details” regarding each element of how you will achieve 60% to 75% PROFIT * in a highly-organized, easy-to-manage fundraiser using only ‘Top-Quality Products and ‘Superior Services’, here is much more information regarding each.  Please study our:

*Note that on most products your "Profit Percentage” will begin at 60% Profit if you sell 100 or more items.  We will Increase this to 65% Profit if you sell 500 products.  You get a stunning 70% Profit if you sell 1000 or more.  This can increase to 75% Profit for a huge sale on some of our products.  Then, you pay only for those services or supplies that you need or want at our heavily discounted ‘wholesale prices’.  YOU are "In Control" of how much of your income you Keep and how much you Spend on your fundraiser.

FYI: Most of our clients “costs” are in the 4% to 5% range for those that can “do it yourself”.  These will increase to between 7% to 9% (occasionally more) for those who chose every service, a big prize program, etc., and/or who have a small sale.  (More items sold will result in a Lower “cost percent”!)

Personal Comments” from Lee Knowles, President & Owner

Dear fellow Professional Educator or Parent Leader,

"Who" keeps and benefits from all the money you collect is the most important decision you will make when you select your fundraiser.

Only you can decide if keeping much more of your “richly-deserved” money, to benefit your fine organization, is More Important to You than needlessly throwing away a large amount of this cash to a fundraiser.

If your kids are your "#1 Priority", you can have 60% to 70+%* every time you select one of our “Wholesale Fundraisers”.  This is more profit than you will ever be given from any other fundraising source when using top-quality products, prizes, and services.

Obviously, if you have a greater 'Loyalty' to a "favorite fundraiser" than to your kids (even if you are in "Denial"), this is not for you.

If you decide 'In Favor' of your youngsters and your fine organization let us know.  We will provide you everything you will need for an immediate massive growth in your "Profits" each time you need to fundraise.

We will be very pleased to help you earn a huge increase in income and make it happen right away.  If "More Money" is important to you, simply phone us, send an e-mail or use "Contact Us" on this web site.  You can count on us.

Warm regards,

Lee's Signature

R. Lee Knowles
President and Owner
Profits Unlimited & Wholesale Fundraisers, Inc.

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