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Freight & Shipping Brochure Totaling (“Customized”) Individual Packing (“Pre-packing”) Envelopes, Order Forms, etc. Guides, “Aids”, etc.
“Money Talk”
and Other Important Matters
Here are the “ULTRA-HIGH-PROFIT-PERCENTAGES” We Will Give You!
71% to 75% 2500 or More
70% 1000 to 2499
65% 500 to 999
60% 100 to 499
50% 1 to 99
  1. The percentage of your total income that YOU KEEP as your “Profit” will be determined by the Total Number of Products delivered at the same time on the same truck or via UPS (or other shipping service) to the same location.
  2. Each separate shipment is considered individually and separately to determine your percentage of profit for that specific delivery.
  3. Different organizations may sell the same products simultaneously. The combined total sales of ALL groups placing their orders at the same time will determine the percentage of profit for EACH group, provided these are combined and delivered together. We will furnish each group separate invoices and ‘paperwork’, plus other ‘customizations’ you may desire. Requires one person to work with us as the “Coordinator”.
  4. A few “Short Mark-Up” products will be limited to a Maximum Profit Percentage of Less than 75%. Customers will be informed ‘in advance’ specifically which products are affected, as well as the exact maximum profit percentage available. Maximum profit percent for each product plus other “optional costs” will be shown in detail as you view each brochure in the “Products” section.
  5. For sales above 2500 items, percents will increase by 1% for each additional 2500 items, up to 75% Profit on some products.
  6. “Profit Percentage” is calculated as a percentage of the “retail” (selling price) of each product.
What YOU Pay For


3-Part Order Form
Custom Money Collection Envelopes
Students Packet Envelope
Class/Sub-Group Envelope
  • PRODUCT BROCHURES/CATALOGS: (Range from $0.09 to over $1.00 each)
    • Required for all fundraisers using brochures/catalogs.
      (Not returnable. Suggest you order no more than 1 for each potential seller.)
    • Exact price of each brochure/catalog is shown where you view that specific product in the “Products” section. (We will ship you the exact number you request except for those semi-rare brochures or supplies that are only available prepacked in specific amounts.)
    • Group may simultaneously sell from up to Three (3) different brochures. (We strongly recommend a maximum of Two brochures combined or One large brochure plus a high-profit “Tag”. Three together is usually wasted costs.)
  • 3-Part ORDER FORMS: Optional ($0.09 each)
    • Printed in English and Spanish.
    • Recommended for groups using our “Customized Brochure Totaling.” (Other methods available.)
  • CUSTOM “MONEY COLLECTION ENVELOPES”: Optional ($0.08 each)
    • Large and Heavyweight. Specially designed for Fundraising.
    • Includes a ‘backup book-keeping system’.
  • STUDENTS PACKET ENVELOPE: Optional ($0.13 each)
    • Large, heavy weight envelope is very useful for storing individual students brochures, letters, prize catalogs, order forms, money envelopes, and all other materials.
  • CLASS/“SUB-GROUP” ENVELOPES: Optional ($0.22 each)
    • Very Large, Heavy-duty envelopes specifically designed for easy management with sub-groups.
    • Two styles available.


  1. We will always ship items by the Least Expensive manner, unless our customer specifically requests a faster and usually more costly method. If that is desired, the customer must request this “in advance” and specify their preferences.
  2. We will invoice you for the exact amount we are charged (NO ‘Mark-Ups’!) for shipping your products, materials, etc., via Truck Line, UPS, or other delivery services. Also, we will give you all our substantial “Discounts” for every shipment.
  3. "Inside Delivery" and other 'special services' by our truck lines is usually available at reasonable addition costs. If you want or need any of these or wish information regarding the details of these services and their costs, please communicate with Marsha. These must be arranged in advance.
  4. “In person” pickups by our customers can sometimes be prearranged from our supplier’s warehouse and/or from our home offices. When possible, we will be happy to make these arrangements for you. They must be made in advance. If you want to get your products or supplies yourself, all freight and shipping for the items you pick up will be Free.


  1. We will do ALL of your ‘paperwork’ for you except counting and recording your money. With our skilled staff taking over these tasks, you are relieved of organizing, writing, imputing, calculating, creating forms, and a host of other time-consuming and sometimes error-prone work. We will do all this for you instead.
  2. Here is how this works: Customer forwards Order Forms (or legible copy) or spreadsheet (with each student’s totals) to our expert staff. We will input all order information (prizes also, if you are using one of our prize programs) into our sophisticated computerized brochure totaling program. This will generate your product (prize) order fast. We will immediately forward this to our suppliers to assure the quickest possible delivery. We will then organize, print, and promptly forward to you your “Fundraising Management System”; our famous ‘Purple Notebook’. This will include all the easy-to-use information you will need to receive and distribute your merchandise. It will also include detailed financial information arranged by organization, sub-group, and individual youngster. If you are using the much more profitable “Post-Pay” [COD] method, we will add our effective “Money Collection System”. We will work with you to “customize” each element of this excellent management system to your unique situation and wishes.
  3. A highly-organized “Guide” will also be furnished to help you manage every step. Of course, we will always be ready to personally assist you ‘24/7/365’!
  4. Cost is 1% to 3%. This is determined by the number of items and/or number of brochures used. $50.00 Minimum.
  5. Brochure totaling information including specific costs is located with each individual product in the “Products” area of this web site.

INDIVIDUAL STUDENT PACKING, i.e. “Pre-Packing” (Optional):

  1. Requires Brochure Totaling.
  2. Each youngsters order will be individually separated, then boxed and/or bagged for each seller. (“Bagged & Tagged”) Each package will be clearly identified by (1) Name, (2) Organization, and (3) Sub-group Name. They can also be organized by sub-group and will usually be alphabetized.
  3. Cost is 3% to 6%. This is determined by the number of items and/or number of brochures used.
  4. Prepacking is Not available for all products. Availability or not is noted with each individual product.
  5. Pre-Packing information including exact costs is located with each individual product in the “Products” area of this web site.
What we Give you “FREE”!

Our Expert PERSONAL ASSISTANCE and all our “Straight Superior SERVICES”

  1. We will be available to personally give you all the friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced help you desire and request via phone, fax or e-mail days, evenings, and weekends including holidays.
  2. We are long-time Professional Educators and Parent/Booster Leaders with much ‘hands-on’ personal experience fundraising with our own groups. “Been There, Done That!” We really understand the ‘real world’ of fundraising. The huge benefit to you is this. Unlike some slick salesperson who is highly skilled at getting your name on a contract and then little else, we will expertly help you in the “Real World” of fundraising. This means our major focus will be success with your ‘Big Challenges’ which are Optimum “Design” for your ‘Situation’, including selecting the best products, efficient “Management” and powerful “Motivation” (design a great prize program, if needed).

‘Run the Program GUIDE’ and All other MATERIALS and Outstanding SERVICES you will need for a successful money-maker

  1. We will furnish you “Free” an in-depth and Detailed “Run the Program” GUIDE(s), plus all the other Materials, Supplies, ‘Aids’, and Services you will need to efficiently manage your ‘wholesale’ fundraiser from start to finish.

NO “Up Front” Costs (for qualified organizations)

  1. You will have 15 days after your products are delivered to pay for your products, shipping, materials, and services. If you select the much more profitable “Post Pay” procedure (collect money at delivery), you will have 30 days to pay.
  2. Read “Financial Arrangements” (below) for more information.


  1. If you do not require ‘in person’ “Relationship Selling” by a fundraising salesperson and can ‘Shop’ via phone and/or internet, you will receive the same (usually superior) products, prizes, services, plus everything else you will need for a successful money-maker.
  2. This way, YOU get to KEEP ALL your “Usual Profits” PLUS up to 35% MORE Profit of EVERY dollar you collect for the Same fundraiser!


  1. We offer 4 outstanding Prize Programs at our very low ‘wholesale’ costs. (You'll be amazed how little fundraisers pay for these!)
  2. Our Prizes have been carefully selected from every prize program available to award the gifts that the kids like best, even at low ‘levels’ where most prizes are ‘won’.
  3. The Prize Brochures are attractive, oversized, heavy-weight envelopes or brochures that tell “What” & “How” to “Win”, in dramatized detail. The large envelopes are great for storing student’s brochures and other materials (These substitute for "student packet envelopes").
  4. Your Prize order can be ‘automatically’ ordered when you select our optional computer-generated ‘Brochure Totaling’ program.
  5. These prizes are usually shipped “bulk” via UPS. For a modest charge we can pack prizes for each individual student, label each kid’s prize package for easy distribution ("Bag & Tag"), and “custom” organize these for your situation and wishes.
  6. We will bill these at our greatly discounted ‘bulk’ prices. Your costs will usually be less than 1% to 3% depending upon how generous you want to be. The exact costs are listed with each individual prize program in the “Prizes” section of our website. Also there, we will include realistic “estimates” of your potential costs. This will assist you in controlling your prize expenses and managing these exciting rewards. Please communicate with us for more information or for our knowledgeable personal assistance in helping you design a great “Prize Program” that will get your youngsters very excited.


  1. We do not accept “Returns”. However, all damage or errors by us or our suppliers will be promptly resolved without any additional costs, provided you report and document these to us promptly. (1 to 2 days) These are NOT considered “Returns”.


Repeat Customers with established credit will be awarded a “Premier Account”.

All repeat customers of Wholesale Fundraisers, Inc., or Profits Unlimited with a good payment history have been awarded a “Premier Account”. New customers will be given a “Premier Account” after the completion of one fundraiser with us where all financial matters were handled in a business-like manner and when an appropriate ‘Contract’ is signed. (Requires annual updates)

NO “Up-Front” payments are required for customers with “Premier Accounts”. You will have 15 ‘business days’ to pay your invoice after the day your products are delivered or the ‘Invoice Date’, whichever comes later. If you use the much more profitable “Post Pay” (‘COD’) system for your sale you will have “30 Days”.

New Customers and REPEAT Customers without established credit:

We have created three easy-to-use methods of payment. Please select the one that is best for you. These are:

  1. School Check, Certified Check, Money-Order, or Postal-Order.

    • Your Organizations’ Check or a personal check will also be accepted. However, your order will NOT be processed for shipping until that check has ‘cleared’ our bank account.
    • Sorry, other payment methods including cash are not available.
  2. Purchase Order

  3. NO “Up Front” payment will be required with an approved purchase order.
    • Your school forwards a purchase order to Wholesale Fundraisers, Inc. Three (3) signatures are required. These are: (1) Principal/Headmaster, (2) Bookkeeper/Treasurer, and (3) Sponsor/Leader/Fundraiser Chairperson.
    • This option is not available if your group is not legally and financially associated with your school. i.e. Checks for payment must be signed and paid by your Bookkeeper and/or Principal or the equivalent positions.
    • All persons signing this purchase order will be individually and collectively personally liable for payment-in-full.
    • If needed, we will provide you any information you need to create this purchase order. Call or E-mail Marsha @ 1.800.749.9335 or Marsha@WholesaleFundraisers.com for assistance.
    • You will be invoiced on or about the date your products arrive at your location. This invoice will also include all your ‘up-front’ costs for materials, services, etc., as well as the cost for products, shipping, etc. You will have 15 days after the products arrive or the invoice date (whichever is later) to mail your payment-in-full before Interest is added. If you are using the more profitable “Post-Pay” (‘COD’) money collection method you will have 30 days. Sometime the exact freight charges and other ‘backend of the sale’ costs are not immediately available. If this occurs we will wait until all final costs “shake down” then send another invoice later for all expenses that were not available when the original invoice was mailed.
  4. Credit Card
    • We currently accept Visa and Master Card.
    • There is a 3% service charge for these services. Note: The charge is 3% of the amount you pay us.
    • For Credit Card transactions please phone us directly @ 1.800.745.9335. Have your card information available when you call.

For Materials you need before the sale begins:

When you contract for a fundraiser where materials, supplies, and Guides/Aids are needed prior to your “Kick-Off”, we will usually forward these to new customers as well as repeat customers where there were ‘no problems’ with prior programs, without requiring any up-front payment. We will add these costs to your invoice which will be paid when you submit your order or “15/30 Days”. (As previously described)

If these payment methods present a problem here is a “Simple Solution” and a “Great Idea”!

If funds for ‘up-front’ payment or a school Purchase Order are not available or if you do not want to use a credit card, we strongly suggest you select one of our ‘ultra-high-profit’ catalog/brochure fundraisers and have the sellers collect the money when they take the orders (“Pre-Pay”). This way you will have ALL your Profits right away plus money for all your expenses, too.

Then, when you forward your orders to us you can either (A) enclose payment by any acceptable method or (B) we will calculate your exact invoice and e-mail this to you quickly. It will include any supplies already received plus products, services and shipping (Costs unknown at that time will be invoiced later. These will NOT delay your delivery). You will immediately rush your payment to us. Your order will be “On Hold” until your payment-in-full is received. When payment-in-full is received we will promptly forward your order for delivery. (Note: if your payment-in-full arrives quickly your delivery will be just as fast as for a payment received with your order.)

“Interest” For Late Payments

  1. Invoice payments that are postmarked more than Fifteen (15) days after the day your merchandise arrives OR the ‘Invoice Date’ (whichever is later), must add 1% per month interest as a “Late Payment Charge”. (Long ‘Holiday’ periods will not be counted.) Add 1% per month interest if you are unable to meet these deadlines based upon the actual postmark, not the date on your check.
  2. An additional 1% interest will be charged for each additional month (or part thereof) until your bill is paid-in-full.
  3. FYI: Failure to pay this reasonable interest or causing us other collection “difficulties” will result in your forfeiting all future ultra-high-profit sales with Wholesale Fundraisers.


Wholesale Fundraisers, Inc.
1516 SW 110th Way
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324-7194

Your friends at Wholesale Fundraisers are always happy to work with you in a friendly and cooperative way regarding all financial arrangements. Please communicate with any of us anytime we can be helpful.



  1. With Candy Sales we have a DIFFERENT way to Boost Your Profits. To view all the details, go to the "Products" section of this website and click "Direct Sale Candy". Here you will find our ‘Name Brand’ Candies, Packaging, Ordering Information, Financial Arrangements and all the other important information you will want to know about.
  2. We will give you all the super-selling “Name-Brand” candies people love to eat. These are ‘bakery-fresh’ and ready for fast delivery to your location for an ‘Instant Income’ fundraiser. (Your Profits are there immediately for you to spend!)
  3. You can ORDER Your Candy directly from the “Candy Sale” section of this internet site. Call, Fax, or E-mail your order to us, also.

  1. Most of the time, but not always, our suppliers will allow us to submit your small order. (less than 100 items) They will ship directly to our customer via UPS (or other ‘mail-typed’ delivery).
  2. Usually not available for “heat sensitive” food products. (For liability reasons we are confident you can understand.)
  3. If you have selected our ‘optional’ Brochure Totaling service, you may fax, phone or e-mail late orders up until the day we input your orders into our customized computer program. (This is usually the day your forms or information arrives at our office.) These will be added to the orders you already sent us as your “main order”. These will be included in your main delivery and considered part of your "Main Order". These items will be added to the total number of items sold in your ‘main order’ to determine your percentage of profit for all.
  4. When you submit late orders that we received after we have forwarded your “main order”, you have two 'Choices' regarding WHEN you want us to have these items shipped to you. Your 2 choices are:
    1. SHIP these orders as soon as possible.
    2. HOLD this order (We suggest you "Hold" the order) until After your 'Main Order' arrives and is distributed. Then, after one week, add this order to any additional orders you have received, plus any other products or "needs" you have discovered. COMBINE all of these into ONE "Final Order". Submit this Final Order to us no later than 10 days after your main order arrives. (Sooner is Better!) This will usually be shipped promptly via UPS or other mail-type service. (Note: This is our "Recommended Plan".)
  5. Your cost for all ‘Late Orders’, not shipped with your ‘main order’, is 60% of retail plus the actual cost of UPS (or other method) shipping.


  1. You may purchase small amounts of products or prizes in advance for showing, tasting, etc. (Recommended for ‘Fancy Foods’)
  2. Your cost will be 40% of the retail price of each item, plus actual shipping.
  3. Charges for these products will be included on your main invoice. There are No ‘up-front’ costs for qualified clients.
  4. Select the exact products you want. Let us know via phone, fax, or e-mail. They will arrive promptly via (usually) UPS.

OTHER IMPORTANT “STUFF” including “Is ‘Wholesale’ For You?”, Errors, NO “Hidden Charges”, “Naughty Surprises”, or “Typical Fundraisers Misbehavior”!

  1. It is our sincere desire to make sure that our high-profit ‘Wholesale’ program is “Right for You”. Here is a “self-test”:
    Please realistically evaluate how the following fits your personality and preferences:
    If your desire to be “sold”, with its myriad variations of “ego stroking”, is more powerful than your preference for a serious business-like relationship that focus on the careful design and management of your program in an “Experienced Experts Helping Dedicated, Hard-Working Leaders Relationship”, Wholesale Fundraisers is NOT for you. However, if the money you want to benefit your fine organization is More Important than ‘Being Sold’ and You “Get It”; that acquiring a huge increase in income begins with you keeping more of every cent you earn, but also requires serious attention to every detail from Skillful Design to Powerful Motivation through Meticulous Management (All our ‘Specialties’), then we are exacly what you need! Call us NOW!
  2. Errors that are clearly the fault of Wholesale Fundraisers or our suppliers and shippers will be cheerfully corrected FREE of additional charges, provided you report these in detail No Later than 7 days after the receipt of your merchandise. 1 to 2 days is requested. Please report all significant 'Major' problems immediately.
  3. Behaving in an uncivil or uncooperative manner including collection problems or failure to pay interest when required, will result in your forfeiting all future ultra-high-profit-percentage fundraisers with Wholesale Fundraisers, Inc., and our affiliates.
  4. Unlike many “Naughty Fundraisers”, we do NOT ‘Mark-up’ prices for services including shipping, have “Hidden Charges”, or make promises we do not or partially keep, routinely substitute products or prizes, or indulge in other “Typical Fundraisers Misbehavior”!