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Freight & Shipping Brochure Totaling (“Customized”) Individual Packing (“Pre-packing”) Envelopes, Order Forms, etc. Guides, “Aids”, etc.
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Your Very Low Prize Costs

A 1 Neon Pencil Top Eraser $0.29
B 6 7 Color Light Up Whistle $0.94
C 12 Multi-Color Light Up Ball + "Bonus Prize" $1.51
D 18 Color Changing Turn Style Clock $2.42
E 24 Mini Disco Light Bar $4.44
F 36 Non Stop Light Up Top $9.62
G 48 Alien Rock Light $9.97
H 60 Dual Light Show $10.31
I 72 My Giggling Monkey
+ Safari Sound Flashlight
J 84 Speakers + Air Drumsticks + Karaoke Mike + MP3 Player (Four Prizes) $97.55

Services and Supplies Information

Freight & Shipping
Our actual low 'discounted' prices*
Prize Envelope (Each) $0.26
Pre-Packing (with Skool Smartz Brochure) +10%**
Pre-Packing (other suppliers products) +20%**
*= If pre-packed with Skool Smartz products, these prizes will be shipped by Commercial Carrier (truck line) along with your products = LESS COST!
**= If pre-packed, the minimum $50.00 is for prizes and packing combined.
Note: Pre-packing charge is a percentage (%) of the prize cost only. (NOT a % of the products)

For Assistance or Contact Information

For questions, more information, help in organizing your 'ultra-high-profit' fundraiser, information about prizes, or any other friendly assistance you desire CLICK HERE to communicate with us. For immediate service, please phone Marsha @ 1.800.749.9335 or Lee @ 1.800.329.5333.

(You will be amazed at how little these exciting prizes cost!)
  1. Your costs will range from less than 1% to about 2% for a 'typical' brochure sale.
  2. Prize cost will be reduced by as much as 1% if you sell 'up-scale' Fancy Foods and/or Magazines.
  3. If you want these "pre-packed", this will increase your costs by LESS than 1%. (Note: $50.00 minimum charge if products are Pre-Packed)
  4. Factor in the costs of your Prize Envelope (one per kid) @ $0.26 each, as well as for UPS shipping. However, if you are having the prizes 'pre-packed' with Skool Smartz Pre-Packed Products, they will ship with your products on a Commercial Carrier (truck line). This will make the shipping price for the prizes almost nothing.
  5. Note: These estimated percents will increase if you have a very successful sale where a larger than usual number of kids sell large and very large amounts. Many will 'win' more and better prizes. Of course, this is a "Good Problem"!
  6. Almost all prizes are won in the very low-priced 1st, 2nd or 3rd Levels.

Additional Important Information

  • This very inexpensive prize program is a result of higher sales requirements for each 'level' prize. This prize program is recommended for Leaders seeking to keep your costs at a minimum, while still awarding prizes that get your kids excited.
  • This is a Cumulative prize program. Winning many prizes is very attractive to pre-school to middle school age kids. "CUMULATIVE" means that your sellers can win MORE Than One Prize. The more products they sell the more and nicer prizes they will be awarded. For example, if a kid sells 12 items they will 'Win' THREE Prizes; one "level A" prize PLUS one "Level B" prize PLUS one "Level C" prize. Not only do they win more prizes (kids love that!) the prizes get better and better.
  • This Prize Envelope is a large, heavy-weight 'flapped' envelope . It is ideal for storing product brochures, order forms, money collection envelopes, letters/instructions and all other important fundraising information. This eliminates the need to purchase a 'Student Packet Envelope'.
Your Fundraiser is the SAME.   The Huge Difference?   YOU Will KEEP 60% to 75% AS PROFIT!