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Freight & Shipping Brochure Totaling (“Customized”) Individual Packing (“Pre-packing”) Envelopes, Order Forms, etc. Guides, “Aids”, etc.
Gourmet Foods
"#1" Selling Cookie Dough in USA
60% to 75% PROFIT!
  • NO Refrigeration Required.
  • 9 Favorite “Melt-In-Your-Mouth” Flavors.
  • Giant Tubs. Many flavors available Pre-Proportioned for Quick & Easy Baking.
  • "Pre-Packing" now available.
The Ultimate Collection Gourmet Cookie Dough
"Mouth-Watering" Boxed Chocolates
60% to 70% PROFIT!
  • You will earn up to 10 Times More Profit per item sold than a typical 'candy sale'!
  • Sell "Solo" or sell with Candles, Jewelry, Magazines, etc.
  • Pre-Packing available.
  • Very Low Shipping, Brochure and other costs.
Chocolate Obsession
Chocolate Obsession
Gourmet Chocolates & Nuts
(Fantastic program for groups desiring very Low Retail Priced fundraisers)
60% to 75% PROFIT!
  • Fresh Pecans & Peanuts direct from Georgia groves.
  • Impressive attractive packages.
  • Very few items equals EASY Management.
  • Direct from farm to you means Low Shipping Costs.
  • Pre-Packing available.
Chocolate Obsession
Crazy About Nuts Brochure
The Chef's Choice Brochure