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Freight & Shipping Brochure Totaling (“Customized”) Individual Packing (“Pre-packing”) Envelopes, Order Forms, etc. Guides, “Aids”, etc.

Your Ultra-High-Profit-Percentages

70% 1500 or More
65% 750 to 1499
60% 100 to 749
50% 1 to 99

The more Products you sell, the Higher Profit Percentage you will make on every item.
For More Details Regarding Your Profit Percentages CLICK HERE.
(Here is a realistic estimate of the actual "Profits" you will earn.)
  1. Your average income will be approximately $12.50 per item sold.
    • You will Keep $7.00 to $8.00 per item PROFIT for a small sale (100 to 749 items @ 60% Profit).
    • Your PROFIT grows to $8.00 to $9.00 per item sold for a medium sale (750 to 1499 items @ 65% profit).
    • Your Profit jumps up to $10.00 or more per item PROFIT for a large to huge sale (1500 or more items at 70% Profit).
    Suggestion:  Great Profit “Booster”!  ADD $4.00 to $7.50 More Profit per item if you “Piggy-Back” (sell) “Gourmet Cakes” (cheesecakes) with cookie dough. And/Or combo our easy-to-sell and manage “Magazine Vouchers” program for $1.00 to $2.00 More Profit per item.
  2. Now, to realistically estimate your "real world" Profit, please deduct your expected "Costs". These "Costs" will range from about 3% of retail (for a very large sale where you limit your expenses to only those required) up to 8% or more (for a small/medium sale with all “services” and/or a generous “Prize Program” to strongly Motivate your sellers.  Recommended!) Your "Costs" will range from approximately $0.34 up to around $0.88 per item sold.
  3. “GREAT NEWS”!  With our help you will now Keep in your account almost $8.00 up to nearly $10.00 PROFIT for Every Item you sell.
  4. Compare Profits! Wholesale Fundraisers vs. ordinary fundraisers. With your typical fundraiser a mega-brochure ('shoppers') program is usually 40% to 50% Profit on an average sale of $8.00 to $9.00 per item. Expenses are often added which reduce your already low profits. With other fundraisers you will usually earn no more than $4.00 Profit per item sold.
    RESULTS: Net Profits with them = $3.50 to $4.00 each.
      Net Profits with US = $8.00 to $10.00 each.
Services and Supplies Information
Select only those "Services" and "Supplies/Materials"
that you Need or Want from the list below.

Freight & Shipping Our actual very low 'discounted' costs.
Usually 3% to 6% (Small orders shipped UPS are more.)
Inside Delivery & other Special Services available. (click for info)
Supplies Brochure $0.89 each
  3-part Order Forms* $0.12 each
  Money Collection Envelopes* $0.12 each
  Student Packet Envelopes* $0.36 each
  Class/“Sub-Group” Envelope* $0.36 each
Brochure Totaling* 2%
Pre-Packing* (requires Brochure Totaling) 4%
"Run the Program" GUIDE FREE
Management Materials & "Aids" FREE
Expert Personal Assistance FREE
NO "Up-Front" Costs (for qualified groups) FREE
* = "OPTIONAL" Materials or Services
"Your Bottom Line!"
The more you Do Yourself, the More Profit you make.

Additional Important Information

  • Our "Top Selling" winter 2016 "Mega Shopper" brochure.
  • Only our "Best Sellers" are included. These are the products Mom & the ladies will buy and love.
  • Suggestion: Distribute merchandise 'Cafeteria Style' and Save Big. Also, products will be delivered 10 to 21 days faster if not "Pre-Packed". We'll furnish you a useful "Guide" and valuable 'Aids'.
  • Prize Program(s) can be shipped with products. These are packed inside each student's box/bag if you use our "Pre-Packing" service.

For Assistance or Contact Information

For questions, more information, help in organizing your 'ultra-high-profit' fundraiser, or any other friendly assistance you desire CLICK HERE to communicate with us. For immediate service, please phone Marsha @ 1.800.749.9335 or Lee @ 1.800.329.5333.

Your Fundraiser is the SAME.   The Huge Difference?   YOU Will KEEP 60% to 75% AS PROFIT!