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Freight & Shipping Brochure Totaling (“Customized”) Individual Packing (“Pre-packing”) Envelopes, Order Forms, etc. Guides, “Aids”, etc.
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Gourmet Foods

Our “#1” Money-Makers! Featuring “Gourmet” quality COOKIE DOUGH (No Refrigeration Required) & CHEESECAKES, PRETZELS, COFFEE, BREAKFAST BARS, PIZZA and other tasty “Fancy Foods”. Now available: Our Incredibly EASY "NO Delivery" Cookie Dough fundraiser.

Brochures and "Mega-Shoppers"

We offer the "Best of the Best" Large Collections of Holiday Favorites, Gift Wrap & Accessories, Decorations, Gifts, 'Fancy Foods', Useful Items, and Magazine Vouchers. Select from several varied great-selling brochures.

“Direct Sale” Candy

America’s top-selling “Name-Brand” candies, ‘bakery fresh’ and ready for fast delivery. Maximum Profits with “FREE” Shipping! NO ‘Minimum Order’! No Additional Costs!

"Holiday" & "Seasonal" Best-Sellers!

Your customers will love our attractive variety of "Top-of-the-Line" merchandise. These feature the most popular fundraising 'Best Sellers' in catalogs with fewer products for much easier management. "Combo" Two of these for Maximum Profits.

Different & Unique Plans

Looking for something “Different”? “Unique”? Check out some terrific sales items that will be exclusively yours. “SPECIAL!” We have two Super-Profit-Boosting “TAGS” with One Item each. Combine One of Both 'tag' items with any other brochures including those brochures from other fundraisers for a huge increase in income. (We'll show you how.)


The EASIEST Fundraiser Ever! Still popular & very ‘repeatable’. Fairly priced with higher retail prices. This means a very large Profit for every subscription. Use “solo” or with another good product (“Combo” sale). Combine with our brochure, or other fundraiser's brochure, for a giant boost in profits.