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Suzhou Renyu Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Zhangjiagang Economic and Technological Development Zone, is a professional manufacturer integrating research, development and production of various beverage machinery. Specializing in beverage filling production line equipment industry for 18 years. The company mainly engages in the processing, customization, production and sales of beverage machinery such as water treatment equipment, purified water production line, mineral water production line, mountain spring water production line, beverage production line, barreled water production line, three in one bottling machine, glass bottles, pop cans, special-shaped bottle production equipment, post packaging equipment, production line stand-alone, filling machine parts and components.

We provide customers with turnkey projects, including pre-sale and after-sales services, the layout of the entire production line, on-site installation and commissioning of machinery, staff training, etc. Provide a complete set of comprehensive solutions for water plants, beverage plants, food plants and other companies.

Our company's leading products are widely applicable to the filling needs of different packaging materials such as PET bottles, glass bottles, plastic barreled lines, pop cans and plastic pop cans. It can provide 2000-36000 bottles/hour water filling production line, 2000-24000 bottles/hour carbonated beverage filling production line, 3000-30000 bottles/hour fresh-keeping sterile and hot filling production line, 9000-18000 cans/hour pop can production line, 100-2000 barrels/hour 3-5 gallon bottled drinking water production line, and also provide customers with water treatment system, pre-treatment blending system, UHT sterilization system, bottle blowing machine, labeling heat shrinking machine, inkjet printer, film packaging machine Labeling machine, carton packaging machine and other supporting machinery and equipment for liquor or beverage factories, as well as technical services such as a full set of process plans and turnkey projects.

Strong R&D and design teams are the driving force of enterprise development. Renyu technicians are from domestic industry elites. They stand at the forefront of the industry, absorb the technologies of Germany, Japan, France, Italy and Switzerland, and develop complete sets of liquid filling equipment with high starting point and advanced technology in combination with the enterprise itself. The degree of automation has reached the advanced level of the industry.

Similarly, Renyu machinery products are also very picky in the selection of raw materials and spare parts. South Korea 304316 stainless steel plate, Wannan Motor, electrical control components of Siemens and Mitsubishi, control valves of Taiwan Yadeke, and international precision machining center lay the foundation for the excellent quality of the whole machine. Consulting service, customized solutions for enterprises As a leading equipment supplier in the industry, Renyu Machinery will provide you with the best overall packaging solutions for water, fruit juice, tea drinks, beer and other products. Our products cover the whole production process from pretreatment to post packaging. From the original single product to the current entire production line, all the efforts and wisdom of Renyu people are condensed. The fast and considerate after-sales service relieves you of worries in the future. Join hands with Renyu to speed up your business!

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