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Drummed water filling machine manufacturer - work together for safe production

Release time: 2020-10-23

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On October 22, 2020, Renyu Machinery Bucket Collection Production Department, Technology Department, Sales Department and Network Department held a staff meeting. The meeting was led by General Manager Mu Renli. The theme of the meeting is "Work Safety, Work Together", which aims to promote team communication and promote our work safety.

At the beginning of the meeting, in order to actively respond to the safety production publicity of the Jinfeng safety supervision department, Mou Renli, the general manager of the barreled water filling machine manufacturer, publicized and implemented the safety production supervision and management, organized the study of the workshop safety work operation specifications, standardized the safety work clothing, and improved the safety awareness of all staff.


At the meeting, Mr. Mou, the manufacturer of barreled water filling machine, put forward several requirements for the work: first, improve production quality and attach great importance to strict material use; Second, the communication and cooperation between the departments and groups should be well done to further implement the standardized written notice; The third is to coordinate the material and equipment specifications of assembly and warehouse management; Fourth, standardize the attendance system, correct work attitude, and actively invest in production to improve business level. After that, for the recent projects, we actively carried out technical discussion and cross departmental technical cooperation guidance.

At the end of the meeting, the manufacturer of the barreled water filling machine said: "The country is everyone, we are small families, and our work is like a war. We need all our families to work together and make every effort to do well in each process. Only when we are recognized by customers can we win.".


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